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In each of your purchases, you must register with your customer account and provide us with the following information to place an order: name, billing address, delivery address, telephone number and contact email. If for some reason or doubt could not continue shopping process, please contact us at tienda@homers.es

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If you have problems accessing our website, may be due to technical problems in the model or version of your browser or settings of the options you have selected. If you need help or have any questions about our shopping system, you can send your questions or suggestions to tienda@homers.es where we will answer as swiftly as possible

Each product includes a model specifically referred to, one or more photos taken in our studies, the retail price of the product including VAT and availability.From Homers guarantee that all our products have followed a strict quality control


The shoes and handbags that we offer through this website are a selection of the Homers collection and are supplied directly from our factory located in Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain. The color that appears in each of the models is as close as possible to the real one, however in specific cases may be exposed to variations for quality reasons related to your computer. From Homers do not guarantee that the color displayed on screen is accurate to the original.

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